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General Rules and Procedures:

  1. Pit Passes are required to enter the pit area. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a minor release form on file. If you are caught by an official without a pit pass arm band, you will be asked to leave the pit area for the night.
  2. Race Staging: The race on deck will be staged in the infield of the track, while the race after that will be staged on the road in the pit area. You will be expected to be ready to enter and stage in the infield when your race is dispatched to the staging area.
  3. All races will start double-file at the cone in turn 4. If the front row starters cannot execute an even start, officials may move them back a row.
  4. All heat race restarts will be single file. If you are involved in a single car caution, you will be done for that heat race.
  5. All feature races will restart with the leader out front, and the second-place car will be able to choose the inside lane or outside lane, and the rest of the field will line up double file accordingly. Races will line up single file with 5 or less laps to go. Race officials can revert to single-file restarts at any time.
  6. The hot pit will be located in the infield. If you exit the racing surface for any reason, you will restart in the back of the field. No cars will be allowed to re-enter the race under green flag conditions. Any car that exits the track to the pit area before the checkered flag will not be able to restart.
  7. The top 4 cars from both the heat races and main events will be required to go across the scales and report to the tech area in the infield. Exiting the racetrack to the pits before reporting to the scales/tech will be subject to disqualification.
  8. Victory Lane celebrations and pictures will take place on the front straightaway following the final feature race of the night.

Racer Responsibilities:

  1. All drivers are required to have a working transponder. The default channel will be 454.0000.
  2. All cars must have a Westhold transponder. They will be available for rent or purchase at the track. If you own the transponder, it will be your responsibility to make sure it is charged and operating properly with the scoring system.
  3. Lineups will be posted on MyRacePass and posted in the pit area.
  4. Please keep pit area speed limited to 5 mph. A car that is deemed to be moving at an unsafe rate of speed in the pits or the infield will be subject to disqualification for the night. 

Rain Outs

  1. In the event of a rain out before the event. Pre-ordered tickets and pit passed will be refunded.
  2. If the rain occurs after the heat races have concluded. It will be considered a complete show, and no refunds will be offered. The features may be made up at the next scheduled regular season show. At the last points event, the payout will be based on the feature lineup after the heats.


  1. You are responsible for your own actions and for those of your pit crew. Fighting, yelling, profanity, etc. will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification.
  2. There will be zero tolerance for violence towards any track official. This action may cause the related car and driver to be disqualified or suspended.
  3. If you have an issue with an incident on the track or a call. Please work with the track officials to resolve the issue before taking it to social media. Negative press is bad for racing in general, not just a specific track.
  4. Salt City Racing strives to create a family fun atmosphere for fans and participants alike. Stay POSITIVE!
  5. Salt City Racing reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.